Human Rights Foundation is an independent voluntary association with the mission, to effectively promote and protect all universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Zoltán Kondér

Founding of the Human Rights Foundation:

Human Rights Foundation founded by Zoltán Kondér on “UN Day” (69th birthday of United Nations). In addition to that 24 October 2014 was also the day when Zoltán participated in the #ImpactHRYouth campaign. The event organized by World Federation of United Nations Associations in where Human Rights Foundation first publicly presented.

Founder of Human Rights Foundation

Zoltán Kondér is an independent human rights expert on international human rights and humanitarian law. A political asylum seeker, targeted by the governments of Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, France, United States of America.

Members of the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation association consist two type of members.

  • Full Members
  • Associate Members

Human Rights Foundation at different from another human rights organizations. Human Rights Foundation is maintaining and constantly improving an on-line human rights framework which is providing resources and tools, for journalists, activist and human rights defenders.

Promoting and protecting human rights is far more easy today as it was in the past, thanks, to our technological achievements. Smart-phones with video cameras, Internet, file and email encryption and live-streaming are powerful tools for change. The public was never educated about about how to use this tools for social, economical or political change.

Human Rights Foundation (aka Foundation for Human Rights) is founded to fulfill this gap and educate people about they most basic rights and fundamental freedoms. In order to archive universal equality, justice and freedom for all human being, humanity first of all need an independent foundation for human rights.

Currently much as 3.17 billion people worldwide have access to the Internet. This is an amazing opportunity for the Human Rights Foundation and to it’s sub-organizations to reach everyone on the planet.