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Human Rights Foundation is the world's first human rights organization which is stricty only accepting Bitcoin donations. Bitcoin allows donors to remain anonymous meanwhile keeping all transaction in the public view.

From 2014 to 2015 the foundation financed by the founder. Since July of 2015 Human Rights Foundation publicly accepting anonymous bitcoin donations and by doing so according to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (Eidgenössische Steuerverwaltung) Human Rights Foundation is exempt from value-added tax (VAT).

How to donate to Human Rights Foundation?

Donate to Human Rights Foundation by scanning the QR code below or if a Bitcoin wallet already installed on your device just simply tap the image and your Bitcoin wallet will open automatically.

Donate to Human Rights Foundation: 18fyEQXaZQgCbNoE5Qjs6W7Pnqc9Yp4PQD

If you can't scan the image above you can donate to Human Rights Foundation anonymously by sending Bitcoin donations to the following address: 18fyEQXaZQgCbNoE5Qjs6W7Pnqc9Yp4PQD

How donations are spent?

Donations are used primarily to fund suborganizations, to maintain and improove our infrastructure and to develop new standards for the distribution of information regarding human rights in all languages and locations worldwide.


Donations are used to run servers on clearnet and hidden services in the darknet. The hidden services run by the Human Rights Foundation are secret Tor bridges which are used to circumvent censorship and obcure the fact that someone is using Tor.


Standardization ensures that all information regarding human rights or human rights violations which is published on the World Wide Web is available, easily accessible and preservable for long period of time without the possibility of censorship by any Government.


A small part of the donations are used to protect both the digital and physical security of those who working with Human Rights Foundation or with one of its suborganizations.


Status information about the the precentege of the work has been done thanks to the generous Bitcoin donations provided by the pubic to Human Rights Foundation.

Infrastructure building:
Cyber security engineering:

Donate to the United Nations Children's Fund in Bitcoin

Human Rights Foundation strongly encourages everyone to donate to UNICEF the United Nations Children's Fund in Bitcoin.

Donate to the United Nations Children's Fund: 14qUpA9xHhbkjKNRG1aSi1VPcoMUqVZxp1

If you can't scan the image above you can donate to the United Nations Children's Fund anonymously by sending Bitcoin donations to the following address: 14qUpA9xHhbkjKNRG1aSi1VPcoMUqVZxp1

“We were founded in 1946 to provide life-saving support to the most vulnerable children in the aftermath of World War 2. Seventy years on, and our mission is no less urgent. Nearly 250 million children are growing up in countries affected by conflict and nearly 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes. We are the world’s largest children’s organization, working with partners in 190 countries. We will do whatever it takes to protect children. Wherever they are. Whoever they are. Whenever they need us.”

UNICEF | for every child